Chief Velocity Measuring

Velocity -- The World's Most Accurate Frame Measuring System

More and more customers and insurance companies are requiring the use of computerized measuring as part of the repair process. And Chief’s® Velocity™ is far and away the most sophisticated – yet simple to learn and operate – system available in the industry today. Fast and easy set-up with full-color, one-page reports on the exact condition of the vehicle’s frame before, during and after repairs have been made for indisputable evidence of damage severity and quality repairs.

Chief's Velocity is the computer measuring system the industry turns to most. And who can blame them? After all, Velocity's sophisticated laser technology no only identifies damage you can see -- but primary and secondary damage you can't see -- helping your techs develope more efficient repair plans eleminating comebacks and helping you find and get paid for hidden damage.
And Velocity's durable scanner and high-tech targets eleminate distortion and deliver pinpoint accuracy each time, every time. Its proprietary software helps techs identify incorrect pull set-ups BEFORE they are made to prevent additional damage and speed up the repair process.



Steel Cabinate Workstation

Powder-coated baked finish with chemical-resistant ABS molded top.
All welded frame structure.

Two (2) rotating ans two (2) fixed casters for easy mobility.
Complete 110 or 220 volt system.


Windows XP Professional Edition
Genuine Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
80 gb hard drive
512 MB of memory
Integrated Intel extreme graphics

Integrated 6 channel audio
Integrated network capabilities
DVD Player
Keyboard and Mouse
LCD Color Monitor


Chief measuring software can be navigated quickly and easily
On-screen photos of attached and where they should be located
One-touch movements
X-measurements can be made with a click of the mouse
Comparative SAI and caster measurements
The system can be set-up to calculate for removed components
Three seperate and easy-to-read color reports to show measurements before, during, and after repairs are made.
Your company logo can be incorperated into the document design.
Includes interactive help and tutorial.


HP color printer

Body Scanner with Tray

Small 6"W X 6" X 23"L design helps prevent target blockage
2 lasers
2 rotating mirrors


Narrow targets with beveled edges to provide a large, scannable area
Protective end caps act as shock resistors to help prevent damage

Bolt Attachments/Clips

Magnetic bolt attachments ranging in size from 10mm to 24mm
Threaded bolt attachments ranging in size from 10mm to 32mm
Metal clip attachments ranging in size from 10mm to 35mm

Hole Attachments/Clips

Magnetic hole attachments ranging in size from 10mm to 25mm


Usermanual, parts manual, basic training manual, user manual(s) for computer, printer, and Microsoft Windows
Avaliable on CD

Component List

Optional Accessory


VIN Scanner/Decoder


Scanner Tripod/Quick Release


Upper Body Bar


Body Openings Tram


Rear Wheel Tracking Guage


Upper Body Extended Scale Assembly


Target Weight Assembly


Target Extension Package